$4.99 Better U Specials. Tuesday -Friday 12noon to 3pm. In-store pick up only

121 Broadway, Kissimmee, FL 34741, US

(407) 966-4617

Better U Dining

Welcome to Better U Dining: Jamaican - Vegan Restaurant

Welcome to Better U Dining: Jamaican - Vegan Restaurant

Welcome to Better U Dining: Jamaican - Vegan RestaurantWelcome to Better U Dining: Jamaican - Vegan Restaurant

Customer Reviews

BBQ Soy Chunks, a vegan delight

 Compliments to the chef! 

The vegetarian/plant-based menu is delicious. I enjoyed the  honey bbq vegan meal..... Kiara A

The Honey BBQ Soy Chunks were the best soy food I have ever had hands down! ABSOLUTELY GENIUS! Blew my mind. If you want to try REALLY GOOD VEGAN FOOD, you must order this!!! The chicken soup will heal your body and soul. Everything is amazing, especially the juices. You must try the pineapple with ginger, also the peanut punch! I could eat this food everyday! The owner is so wonderful and has a lot of information on nutrition!......Jo B

The best Jamaican food in town the oxtail  is so good...... Any Sierva

Very good, authentic Jamaican food. We arrived an hour before closing and were the only customers there  but they treated us very kindly and respectfully. I loved the simple, relaxed, cozy atmosphere, with lots of Jamaican colors and decor, and music. Our food came out hot and so delicious.  We didn't order dessert this time because we were so full, but maybe next time. I will definitely go back to this gem!. ......Sweet Mamey

Healthy Authentic Jamaican Dinning. Delicious and inviting intimate cafe setting. Flavorful spices dancing in your mouth, each bite anticipating the next  stimulation of satisfaction. A hidden treasure of Island goodness......S T